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iPhone Hard Reset + Factory Reset

Hard Reset

iPhone 6S, 6, 5S, 5 And Earlier Models:

To hard reset an iPhone 6S, 6, SE, 5S, 5, and earlier models, press and hold down the Home button and the power button together until your iPhone screen turns black and the Apple logo reappears on the screen.

iPhone 7, 7 Plus, And Later Models:

To hard reset an iPhone 7 and later models, press and hold down the power button and the volume down button together until your iPhone screen turns black and the Apple logo reappears on the screen. This may take up to 20 seconds, so don’t give up too early!

If the above does not help, we suggest a factory reset. Be sure to complete a backup of all desired information (see below Step 1).

Restore to Factory Settings

Step 1: Prepare your iPhone for restoration (Back-up)

If you have iOS 11.2 or later, go into your iPhone Settings menu — Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud, or go to Settings > iCloud (for an older version of iOS) and turn on the items you’d like to back up. We recommend you choose to back up almost everything, but especially your Photos, Mail, Contacts, and Notes. Once you have chosen what you would like to back up (and keep in mind that anything you do not back up will be lost forever once you perform the reset), scroll down until you find the Backup button with the green icon. Tap it and turn on iCloud Backup with the toggle switch. Then, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you will be able to tap Back Up Now. Keep in mind that it will take a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can also rely on your PC or Mac a little bit. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and click the Back Up Now button when viewing the Summary tab for your given device in iTunes.

Step 2: Access the Reset menu

Tap the main Settings icon when viewing the home screen, select General from the resulting menu, and tap the Reset button at the bottom of the resulting page.

Step 3: Reset your iPhone

Tap the blue Erase All Content and Settings option near the top, followed by the red Erase iPhone option in the resulting pop-up window to confirm your decision.

Step 4: Restore your iPhone

Once the reset process is complete, check to ensure your phone has been restored to its original factory settings. If done correctly, you will once again be presented with the iOS Setup Assistant upon startup.

You will have to log in and set up your iPhone from scratch once it has been factory reset. The prompts will ask you whether you want to restore from your iCloud account, set up a completely fresh phone without any of your previous settings, or use iTunes to put your old content onto the phone again.


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