LG Mobile Switch

Please note:

  • To migrate data from a non-LG Android device to your new LG device, the LG Mobile Switch (Sender) app must be installed on the non-LG device running Android 4.1 or higher. Functionality may vary depending on device model.
  • The app only transfers content to the new device that hasn’t already been backed up to a cloud service.
  • Contacts or media backed up to any Cloud service (e.g., Verizon CloudiCloudGoogle Drive, etc.) are not transferred by the app and can be restored to the device using the same service.

The LG Mobile Switch app transfers:

Photos – Videos – Music – Documents
Call logs – Contacts – Text messages
Calendar – Apps – Voice memo

1 – Open LG Mobile Switch on the new device

On your new LG device navigate: Menu > Settings > System > Backup then tap LG Mobile Switch.

On devices running Android version 7.x or older, navigate: Menu > Settings > Backup & reset then tap LG Mobile Switch.

LG Backup screen

2 – Terms & Conditions (new device)

If prompted, review Terms of Use on the new device then tap AGREE (bottom-right).

Terms and conditions agreement

3 – Select the transfer method on the new device

On the new device, tap USB cable, Wireless (preferred method), or SD card.

Choose USB, Wireless, or SD card to transfer

4 – Set the new device to receive data

Tap Receive on the new device.

Tap send or receive

5 – Start the transfer on the new device

Tap Start (lower-right) on the new device to begin the transfer.

Start transfer

6 – Terms & Conditions (old device)

On the old device, open the LG Mobile Switch app, review Terms of Use (if prompted) then tap AGREE (bottom-right) to continue.

Terms and conditions agreement

7 – Select the transfer method on the old device

On the old device, tap USB cableWireless (preferred method), or SD card.

Choose USB, Wireless, or SD card to transfer

8 – Start the transfer on the old device

Tap Start on your old device to begin the transfer.

The old device searches for your new LG device.

Start transfer from old device

9 – Select the destination for your data

Once the new device is found, from the old device, tap the name of the new device to continue the transfer.

An invitation is sent to each device; tap Yes to confirm the transfer.

Send to device screen

10 – Select the data to send to the new device

From your old device, select (check) the data you would like to transfer to your new device then tap NEXT to continue.

The old device lists the content to be copied to the new LG device.

Items to transfer

11 – Allow the transfer process to complete

When the transfer begins, a percentage of the amount of data transferred displays on both devices.

Transfer completion percentage

12 – Finish the transfer

Once ‘Complete’ displays, tap DONE.

Transfer complete

13 – You’re all done

When the data transfer is complete on the new device, tap Restart Phone (lower-right) then turn off your old device.


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